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Homeless cat couldn't eat! -- Tuesday August 2nd, 2016

Charlie couldn't eat

Tomball SOS recently rescued a pretty orange male cat with a nasty problem - he couldn't eat. 

"Charlie," as he's now known, showed up at one of the feral cat maintenance colonies, hiding from volunteers, thin, wobbly, looking ancient. After a few weeks, he began to creep out when volunteers put down the cat kibble.

But even in the dark, volunteers could see that Charlie was having trouble eating. They suspected perhaps he had a bad tooth, so they began to bring canned cat food for him. That's when Charlie showed himself more frequently, crawling out from his hiding place and slowly, slowly walking to the food dish. 

A couple of weeks ago, volunteers saw his mouth up close, and it looked awful. They captured him last week and  took him to Angel's Pet Hospital, where he was diagnosed as having a large, infected ulcer on his lip and around his mouth. He's under treatment now.

In the process, we discovered that Charlie is actually a loving, pet-seeking orange boy with a sweet creaky voice and a big appetite.

If you recognize Charlie, please let us know. After his treatment, he'll be looking for a furrever home. If you're interested in fostering him or adopting him, please call his foster at 713-417-2269 and ask for "Charlie's buddy!"  

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