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What is a feral cat?

Feral cats are domestic cats. They are not wild cats. A feral cat is not comfortable with humans. They are often avoidant of humans and run in fear when people approach. They may slap or growl when cornered, but that's because they are afraid. In general, they behave as do tame housecats, sunning themselves, playing with each other, and coming to the food dish at regular times. But when humans approach, they scatter. We see them because they are used to our vehicles and approach gingerly. We do not try to get close to them unless we are trapping them for vet care or rehoming.

Feral kittens, or kittens born to feral moms, can be tamed, particularly if caught young enough--under eight weeks is ideal. Tomball SOS has taken many feral kittens, tamed them, and found them homes. At about the age of four months, though, it's really up to the cat to decide it wants human contact. Certainly, an adult feral cat can live with humans, get used to humans, even, after a long time, allow their people to pet them, depending on the cat. However, they seldom make the ideal house cat, and adult feral cats or older kittens are not really adoptable when there are so many cute, cuddly homeless cats looking for homes.

Feral cats make excellent barn cats or outside suburban cats, though, and can be a welcome addition at local businesses, barns, ranches, stables, and warehouses.

Barn Cats

Tomball SOS traps feral cats on a regular basis in Tomball to get them neutered, treated for parasites, and vaccinated.  We are always looking for barn homes for cats to remove them from dangerous situations on the streets. 

If you own a barn or a warehouse and are interested in getting some cats to control the rodents, snakes, and insects, please fill out our barn cat application and we will arrange to get some cats to you on our next trapping event.

Click here for the barn cat application.

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