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Do we feed near you?

We don't pick the locations to feed the cats, they do.  Usually there is an existing food and water source and they set up a colony.  We come in where we find them and set up a feeding station as we perform TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) and then either maintain the colony ourselves, help you maintain the colony, or relocate them to barn homes.

    Our promise to you is that:

  • We try to leave the feeding station cleaner then when we got there.  We will clean up any dirty dishes or surrounding trash near the feeding area.

  • We have no more then 3-4 dishes at a feeding station.  We need to provide food and water and during the summer we put down an extra set of dishes to fill with water as ant barriers.

  • We keep the feeding station in a discreet place: in the back or behind bushes when possible so as not to be an eyesore or hindrance to your business or customers.

If you have any praise or complaints about our feeding stations near you, please contact us.  We are currently a small group of volunteers and we stay in touch with various members of the larger rescue community.  We do promote businesses that allow our feeding stations or maintain their own colonies, and encourage friends and associates to use your services.  We're grateful that you support our efforts and try to show that through referrals.  If you would like to place an ad on this site please email us.

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